Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is a framewreck?

The word itself is a portmanteau of framework and train wreck. The word framework seems to be a bit of an overused buzzword in software development these days. It seems like every library or component or runtime is described as a framework. Of course, train wreck implies carnage, chaos, confusion and failure. Fusing these words gives the sense of that precarious path that a software developer and architect walks between creating an elegant solution or causing total disaster.

Sometimes I find that when I need to solve a problem, the documentation is either too vague and "high level" to be of any help or it is focused on some irrelevant esoterica. So, like most people, I just roll up my sleeves and try to fill in the blanks between the nebulous and minutial resources at my disposal. I have built hundreds, if not thousands of samples, proofs of concept, mock-ups and the like just to get my head (or somebody else's head) around how a technology really works. However, I rarely if ever capture that knowledge into anything other than my own short term memory. Consequently, after a few days or weeks, it is gone.

This is my attempt to keep what I learn, when I learn it, and then turn it around into something that I can share with others. If that resonates with you, then tuck me away at the bottom of your RRS list and stay tuned as I try to keep track of my own attempts to string together meaningful solutions.

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