Wednesday, July 16, 2008

iPhone Progress

I have had two evenings of great progress on the path to learning iPhone development. After spending several days pouring over a few sample projects from the iPhone Dev Center , particularly NavBar, I decided that I should start writing some code. So, from scratch, I managed to cobble together a little test that builds a TableView with multiple sections.

It's pretty meager; it doesn't really do anything useful. But it did a great deal to help me solidify a lot of concepts. Interface Builder makes a lot more sense, the implementation of MVC is really slick.

After showing this to Ben, he suggested that we put together a SubVersion repository for these little apps. So I downloaded a Mac client called SCPlugin from Tigris' site. It seems to work well. You Fireflies out there can keep up with our learning apps from our SVN server at /projects/iPhone/Playground. Though, after doing that, I poked around a little in XCode and see that the SVN integration isn't too bad there. Here are some pictures of the SVN stuff in XCode:

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