Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Version and in-app purchases

Researching building a free version of an iPhone app and a paid version of the same app that includes in-app purchases.

I got started by copying the target bundle in XCode to create MyApp and MyAppFree. One of my first questions is, how do I handle the bundle id and app id? Found this at StackOverflow that sent me in a slightly different direction:



"…Apple has frowned on having both a "Lite" version as well as an "in-app" updatable version. One or the other. Recently they have been pushing the "in-app" updatable…"

uh oh ... led to this:


So, can have one version of the app instead of free version and full version.

Next read was "App Store Quick Reference: Getting Started with In App Purchase on iPhone OS".


I read no definitive prohibition against building both a free and an in-app purchase version, but feel that I should be better safe than sorry.

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