Friday, June 13, 2008

a new apple developer?

The other day I downloaded and watched the Apple WWDC keynote where Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone and the iPhone SDK. Wow!!! It is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. I decided that I want to learn how to write applications for it. I have never written a line of code for the Mac. Heck, I just got my first Mac about 6 months ago. I'm still giddy that I can navigate around in it. It looks like iPhone applications (and Mac applications for that matter) are written in Objective-C. I am an intermediate C++ hack at best. Nonetheless, I am undaunted. So here begins a running record of my experience. I started by registering a user at the iPhone Developer Center. The first thing that struck me were all the Getting Started Videos. I downloaded all of them to iTunes and watched them. They seem to give a good overview of the significant design goals. I was kind of impressed that most of them seemed geared to developers that had OO experience, but no Mac development experience. Hey! That's me! While watching those, I downloaded the iPhone SDK and the XCode development tools from the Apple website. XCode is apparently the IDE for Mac and it's free. I am just now installing those. I think next I am going to read the some documentation they have for Objective-C and maybe dink around with some sample applications. Wish me luck!

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