Saturday, June 14, 2008

Objective C documentation

... so the iPhone adventure continues. I downloaded a bunch of PDF's from the iPhone Dev Center. I ran into a conundrum with what to do with them once I got them. I really am not the biggest fan of reading lots of text on a screen. When I want to learn a new language or technology, I usually buy a book or start a certification track. I have thusfar resisted the urge to buy some books. So on top of a new language, a new operating system and a new IDE, even the reading part of this journey is a departure from what I am used to. The printer we have at the house is an old HP DeskJet that really wouldn't be up to the task of printing hundreds of pages, I don't have access to a duplexing printer, and taking them to Kinko's is just too cost prohibitive. So I am lounging on the couch reading on the screen. Maybe this is my big chance to make the switch and save a few bucks and a few trees.

The first doc that I am trudging through is The Objective C Programming Language. It actually turns out to be a pretty good read and, despite the aforementioned difference in approach, I am getting a lot out of it. My first impression is that Objective C is much more similar to my experience than was my first forays into Ruby. There is a lot that I recognize as similar to C# and my meager experience with C++.

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