Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reflector and Vista

I just found out that Lutz Roeder sold (or gave or whatever) Reflector to Red Gate. So, I decided to remove my old one and install the new one. I downloaded the .ZIP file from Red Gate and copied it, all nice and pretty, to my Program Files. This is when Vista's security mess started frustrating me. Here's what I did (stripping out the errors from the trial)

1.) Make a shortcut to Reflector.exe, save this to the desktop.
2.) Move the shortcut from the desktop to the start menu items.

Now, I have a handy link in the start menu. However, EVERY time I use the link, I get a security warning. There is a checkbox to permanently disable this warning, but that doesn't work, so ...

3.) Apply this nifty little hack to really disable the security warning.

Done. Sheesh.

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