Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Google ... working hard

I take exception to this blog post from the GMail blog. They state that, "We on the Google Calendar team work hard to play well with others".

They say that they, "synchronize your calendars with a number of mobile devices and desktop applications." Well, for mobile devices, that number appears to be two: Blackberry and Android. But what about WinMo? And, more importantly to me, what about iPhone!?! Actually ... I am a little torn on that one. Probably, this is Apple's fault for not building it into their Calendar app. OK ... nevermind.

Here is another, unrelated, example. I use several different aliases with my Google Apps gmail accounts. When I send an email from one account as an alias, recipients who use Outlook will see, "From: on behalf of" This has been a problem for years. Google's response is, "Most email clients don't display the sender field, though some versions of Microsoft Outlook may display ...". Most email clients? Except Outlook? OK, I sort of understand. I don't use Outlook either. But most of the world does. Outlook, all by itself, IS most email clients. It's like saying, "Most humans, except for the ones on Earth."

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Anonymous said...

I think you are a whiner. The Sender header is exactly for this: To indicate the real sender of the email.

You can be happy that Google supports sending emails using aliases at all. Most other email providers do not offer such a feature.