Sunday, November 30, 2008

Java Installer

I just went down the usual path of agreeing to install some update to the Java runtime. I figure, "whatever, maybe something on my system runs on it." This time, I noticed the installer includes a step to install the Yahoo! toolbar.

I can't say that I am terribly surprised that both Sun Microsystems and Yahoo! are circling the drain. Desperation like this only highlights the facts.

Things like this really irk me. This is precisely the reason I haven't installed the Real Player in years. I do remember a time when there was content on the internet that was only accessible through Real. I decided then that such content wasn't a good enough reason for me to install the player. I think now is the time to make the same call for Java applications. Instead of completing the installation, I am going to uninstall all Java runtimes from my PC. I am sure this will blow up more than one other bit of software that I currently have. I'll just have to see how painful it is to live without.

Good bye and good riddance Java.

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