Friday, November 7, 2008

Harvest Gadget

My company uses Harvest for time tracking. It seems like a pretty good tool. However, sometimes I get really far behind on keeping it up. I would like something that I can interact with in under 10 seconds. They have a pretty good iPhone web app ... but it is just barely klunky enough that I don't use it. I am going to give their Windows widget a try. They also have one for the Mac, but I don't have my Mac powered up right now. Writing this is enough distraction for me for the moment. Anyhoo, I haven't done anything with it yet except install it, so I don't have any good feedback. Here's a screenshot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Daniel. All I can say is more iPhone goodness is on the way... :)

Unknown said...

We use Harvest at my company. I have exactly the same problem and have to spend hours recreating my hours. I haven't found that the clock in-clock out style works any better than entering time at the end-of-day. I find the Vista widget to be buggy (especially after waking the laptop from a sleep).

I've often thought that it would be best to have a key on the keyboard I could tap and leave a timestamped 5-second sound byte to myself with details.